How to Build Your Brand Online

If you want to begin building your brand online, you must first decide what your brand identity is. When you are building brand identity, you should first place your priority on the process by which you conduct your business. Try to build an image of what you would like your company to appear to be, and how you would like it to appear to the customer. When you are trying to decide how to build your brand online, you’ll need to understand the basics. The basic image of branding is the ability to determine what the values of your company are. Your brand is the image given to the customer of what values your company holds most dearly. If your customer feels comfortable with the choices that your company is implying that it makes based on the brand image which was based on the values that your company holds most dearly, they may be more likely to buy a product or service from your company. It’s entirely possible, by the way, that your customer will make this decision about whether it agrees with your platform, in the span of a millisecond, when he or she glances at your ad or blog post written by you.

What are the core values that you want to project about your brand? It’s easier to figure out than you may think, because you already know. You just need to put it into words. Imagine yourself in an elevator, and the person who you most want to impress in the world is in the elevator with you. This person is one of your idols; someone who you would most like to become if you could improve yourself the way that you would like to. How do you sell this person on your product or service, in the time that it takes for the elevator to close, you both to ride a few stories down, to where this man or woman has to get off the elevator. Now you have just about fifteen seconds or so at least, maybe a minute and a half at most, how do you, in this limited amount of time, sell your idol on your product or service? How do you impress them in this limited amount of time? This mental exercise is not something that I made up, it’s an old sales exercise that allows you to come up with a quick and easy way to pitch your product or service in a limited amount of time. So the question is, what is your elevator pitch?

Once you figure this out, you need to think about what VALUES you found in the elevator pitch you created. Let me give you an example. You are standing on an elevator with Tony Robinson; a famous motivational speaker and writer, and you want to explain to him how you have this new product that can unlock ANYONE’S potential to make money online. Yes, you have found the way. Great. But the question is: what are your VALUES. What do your VALUES say about your brand? And how do you convey this message in a concise and direct manner. If you figure this out, you have made a significant step in building your brand online.